Monday, February 14, 2011

Feast Day of St. Valentine

It's Valentine's Day. Read about the real St. Valentine here.

Meanwhile, what are some good movies about love? What is the best love-story movie ever made? Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, An Officer and a Gentleman, Ghost, Titanic? Love Story?

Well, here is one candidate for best love story of all time (the original version, not the recut new version*) --

* The new version of Cinema Paradiso totally misses the point by emphasizing the completely wrong relationship as being "the" love story of the film. (Note that I said love story, not romance story.)

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Ikedi said...

Feast day celebrations are an intergral part of worshipping God, it seems like today, they have substituted for the traditions, which is some thing the Messiah Mark 7:8 and Paul Colossians 2:8 warned us not to do peace.