Friday, June 10, 2011

Death of Conscience in a Culture of Death

Nazi Germany is not the only place in human history where people suffered from death of conscience. There have been other evils in the world, other attacks on the inherent dignity of the human person. One of those places is here, the United States, with too many people have used a suicide machine on their consciences in going along with or even supporting convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian's salacious revelry in death. He was given a hero's send-off in his funeral today.

Dr. Death helped to kill over 100 people with his devices that delivered medical poison to his victims who had themselves ignored that voice of objective moral truth about the inherent dignity, value, and sanctity of all human life. And thus, the "never again" of the child euthanasia and T-4 programs of 1930s-40s Germany has become "once again."

But the evil promoted by Kevorkian did not die with him, and will not be buried with him. The culture of death continues apace.

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