Friday, March 2, 2012

Prayer to Saint Andre Bessette

Saint Andre, you instinctively understood how the love of God is expressed by loving others. Help us to receive those who are suffering with the same sensitivity you did.
Teach us to act compassionately in the face of their pain and affliction. Teach us to listen to them with undivided attention and to speak to them a word which lifts them up. Teach us to be examples of how to move forward confidently in the company of Saint Joseph and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and God our heavenly Father.
Your intense love for God can be seen in your resolve to establish a space for prayer on top of a mountain. You yourself spent hours before the Blessed Sacrament, and you continually urged those coming to you seeking favours to pray in the Eucharistic Presence. At the side of Saint Joseph, greet all who come seeking healing.
Plant within them faith in God who loves them so much and who wishes wholeness for every human being.
Open their hearts to recognize the graces God has poured upon them, confident of the future that God opens before them. Help them to realize the importance of prayer in their life and to be a loyal friend to those who count on them.
Good Brother Andre, now in glory with the Saints, your prayer is powerful with God. Continue those works which you accomplished when you were still on earth. Heal both body and soul.
To adults, give the dignity of employment. To the elderly, hope in their future. To youth, give the grace of living out their lives as solid Christians; in marriage, in religious life, as ordained pastors. Above all, teach us all to live our human life the way Jesus did. Amen.

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