Saturday, August 25, 2012

From The Earth To The Moon . . . and Now on to Heaven

For most of man's technological accomplishments, I should think that the Almighty God is probably fairly ho-hum about it, given that He created the entire Universe. But when man stepped foot on the Moon, I have to believe that He was beaming with pride, saying "them's my boys!"

From the HBO miniseries, "From the Earth to the Moon."

The landing of Eagle, a Lunar Module that was really not much more than a tin can wrapped with foil, actually very came near to ending in disaster, what with the expected landing area being filled with boulders and then coming within mere seconds of running out of fuel. But thanks to the skill of mission commander Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, man's greatest technological achievement in history was accomplished.

Earlier, Armstrong had served as Command pilot on Gemini 8, which also nearly ended in catastrophic disaster, but was saved by Armstrong's skill and calm demeanor under pressure.

Now that he has landed at Heaven's Tranquility Base, let us say, "Thank you Neil Armstrong!"

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Bender said...

A bit of trivia --

My aunt Marilyn, who made her own journey to Tranquility Base last year, double-dated a few times with Neil Armstrong, who grew up in nearby Wapakoneta, Ohio.